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BMC Service Bulletin - Uneven Trim Height (Sprite MKII & MKIII)

Attached is an original service bulletin from BMC. The text of the bulletin is as follows:

Re: Uneven Trim Height

When complaints of this nature are received, before going to the suspension, care should be taken to ensure that the bumpers are mounted squarely to the body, and that the hood sticks are extended equally on each side of the car. An examination should also be made to ensure that the wing line is not distorted, e.g., by repair work.

Following this action, if the springs are still suspected, the front coil springs should BOTH be removed. If suitable load testing equipment is available, each spring should be compressed to 6.625: at which length the load should be 735 to 765 lbs. Providing the springs do not vary more than 30 lbs, some reduction in load is to be expected if the car has covered a reasonable mileage.

If load test equipment is not available, a press should be used to compress both springs together either side of a 1/4" sandwich plate until one spring measures 6.625". Providing the other spring is between 6.736" to 6.514", both are satisfactory. NB: CARE MUST BE TAKEN TO ENSURE SPRINGS CANNOT SLI P OUT OF THE PRESS WITH DANGEROUS CONSEQUENCES.

As these cars are so often used without a passenger it is usual to find that the driver's side fo the car will usually tend to settle first. Therefore, when refitting the springs following the above procedure, the heavier of the two springs should always be fitted to the driver's side.

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