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Owning an Austin-Healey is a unique experience. Healeys are very fun to drive, can be maintained by anyone with a basic understanding of automobile mechanics, and are still pretty affordable compared to modern sports cars.


On the top of the list of the Healey's positive attributes are style and reliability. These cars really can be made reliable enough to drive cross country, be used as daily drivers or just confidently used as "around-towner's" for the odd run to the market. One thing for sure, no matter where you go you will always get smiles and thumbs up.

Join a Club

The Austin-Healey Club USA is, first and foremost, an "information resource." If you have not already joined we encourage you to do so here. We also recommend that you join a local club if there is one in your area—and don't overlook multi-marque clubs that include more than one British marque! Your small membership fees will be some of the best investments you can make on the road to Austin-Healey ownership.

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Attend British Car Events

In addition to the clubs, British car events offer additional opportunities to meet people who are already owners, some of whom will probably have just recently gone through the buying process themselves. Many owners are happy to talk about ownership and will gladly go over their car with someone who is interested in becoming an Austin-Healey owner. Additionally, talking to the owner of a car that is not for sale will help to guarantee that you get honest opinions about the car in general, local mechanics, local clubs, etc. Join us at our yearly Rendezvous to meet many like-minded Healey enthusiasts.


There are many books available that go into detail about the history of the Healey marque and the intricate details of each model, including books by Donald Healey himself, his son Geoffrey Healey, and motoring historian Graham Robson.


Also, check out the new book Tips on Maintenance, Repair, and Restoration, created by the AHCUSA in conjunction with Healey expert Roger Moment, on sale now!


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Whichever model of Healey you decide to purchase, you will own a very satisfying and enjoyable car that gives pride of owning an important part of automotive history, and opens doors to camaraderie among fellow enthusiasts and Club members from around the world. The Austin-Healey Club USA is dedicated to helping you to become a member of the community of Austin-Healey enthusiasts, and to helping you keep your Healey on the road for a very long time to come.

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