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Austin-Healey Magazine

The Austin-Healey Magazine has been an excellent resource for Healey enthusiasts for more than 50 years, though it has changed much since its humble beginnings.
The first issue, published under the name Healey News, was a four-page newsletter with a few articles, a small classifieds section, a list of places that could service your Healey, an event calendar, and a couple of advertisements. Over the past five decades, it has grown to become so much more.
The magazine has gone through a few facelifts. It was quickly dubbed Healey Highlights after a contest a "name the newsletter" contest, then changed to the Austin-Healey Magazine in 1987. At the same time, the magazine transitioned to a horizontal format. Not only did this make it easier to fully showcase pictures of Healeys—they are, after all, longer than they are tall—but it also gave the magazine a unique look that emulated the various sales brochures featuring the model. Eventually, though, the orientation offered more challenges than benefits, so in 1994 the magazine returned to the traditional vertical format.
Today, the magazine offers a wide variety of articles to capture the many different interests of our members. There are articles on repairing and restoring Healeys, the history of the marque, travelogues, rallies, and more. Some of these are written by Healey specialists while others are submitted by our members. Additionally, members may place classified ads in Austin-Healey Magazine free of charge. This is a great way to find or sell cars, parts, or anything Healey-related.
At the end of every year, we also include our highly-anticipated calendar for the following year, filled with stunning photos submitted by our members. It’s the perfect addition to any Healey-lovers garage, or living room!
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