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Updated: Jan 3

Members of the AHCUSA have made it clear time and time again that the thing they need most from our club is technical information. We will be sharing select technical articles from the Austin-Healey Magazine for ease of access, but the back issues offer a huge repository of information that cannot be found elsewhere. If you are looking for an article on a specific topic, you can search the attached index of articles that lists all technical articles printed our club publication since its beginning in 1970 to 2015 inclusive as well as in which issues they can be found.

Photocopies of articles and complete issues are available on the following donation schedule:

  • $5 for the first article

  • From 2-10 articles, it is $2 for each additional article

  • From 11 articles and beyond, it is $1.50 for each additional article

  • For a full issue (original copy if available or photocopy of the original) $7 per issue plus shipping

For more information or to order, please contact club historian Hank Leach at gradea1@charter.net

AHCUSA Magazine Index December 2015
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