Removing a Broken Axle Shaft

By “SKIP” Millard

Originally published in the Austin-Healey Magazine, October 1971

A broken axle shaft stub can be removed from a housing with the aid of an Arc Welder. First remove the broken axle hub assembly in the normal way. Now insulate a coat hanger wire with a piece of vacuum hose, leaving about an inch at each end. Using the wire as the welding rod, touch it to the stub in the case with the current off.

With welder set at low amp, and holding the wire against the broken section, momentarily turn power on. When power is turned off with the '”welding rod” against the shaft, it will be frozen to it. Now the wire can be used to pull the stub from the differential carrier and through the case. If an Arc Welder is available, this "trick" will save a few hours since the differential carrier assembly does not have to be removed.

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