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Big Healeys

Probably the most recognizable Austin-Healey, the “Big Healeys” as they are referred to by enthusiasts include the 100, 100-6, and 3000 models. This term is rumoured to have been used by Donald Healey to distinguish these cars from the smaller Sprites.

The Austin-Healey 100


The Austin-Healey 100 (produced from 1953-1956) is, of course, the original Austin-Healey. It was built 1953-56, and although a straight six-cylinder engine is usually associated with Big Healeys, this model is the exception with only four cylinders.


The 100 came in two variants: the early BN1 Series cars (10,030 built) with a three-speed transmission, and the later BN2 Series cars (4,604 built) with a four-speed transmission, both with overdrive. After that there are not any significant differences within this model.

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The Austin-Healey 300

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