Since our Club was established as a descendant of the original factory-sponsored Austin-Healey Club, we have used the original club crest throughout our history.

AHUCSA Crest This crest first appeared in the April 1961 issue of the British Motor Corporation's magazine Safety Fast.

Many people consider our club crest to be one of the most attractive club insignias ever designed, but many do not understand the symbolism. 

Briefly, the Austin-Healey wings atop the crest are a representation of the winged badge attached to the front of all big Healeys.

Under the wings is a representation of the castle in Warwick where the Donald Healey Motor Company was located.

The bridge symbolizes the town of Longbridge where the British Motor Corporation first produced Austin-Healeys, and the bold design of the Union Jack is a cherished and evocative symbol of the land of the Austin-Healey's origin.