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Scuttle Seal Installation

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

By Don Mollette

Originally printed in the Austin-Healey Magazine, July 1998

To make an original installation as easy as possible, remove the windshield and the three screws holding the end of the padded scuttle down (two screws in the turnbuckle and one screw in the corner). Lift the scuttle up 3/4" and block it up out of the way. Set the top flap between the padded scuttle and the metal frame. Make sure the scuttle seal is tight in the corner next to the fender. With a scribe or other pointed object, pierce only the bottom flap in each of the five holes provided in the metal frame and fender. Insert a copper split rivet with a #6 flat washer under the head from the bottom side of each hole. Spread the tines of the rivet as shown in figure #1.

Cut the scuttle seal with a razor blade as shown in figure #2 at cuts A and B back to the leading edge of the metal frame (the one the rivets went through). Then cut across the facing edge of themetal frame. Cut the lower end of the scuttle just above the door hinge.

This leaves a flap that can close the end of the scuttle seal as shown in figure #3. Make one more hole in the closed flap in line with the existing hole and install a #6 x 1/4" sheet metal screw with a #6 washer under the head. Re-do the padded scuttle. You're halfway there!

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