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Rear Spring Noise (Sprite MkI &MkII)

Service Bulletin From BMC

Published in the Austin-Healey Magazine, June 1996

Noise from the rear springs may be caused by:

  1. The rear spring eye fouling the axle bracket and/or

  2. Interleaf friction.

Theses conditions may be rectified as follows:

Spring Eye Fouling Axle Bracket

Remove shackle pins (See W/S Manual Section H6).

Centralize bush in spring eye and fit a fibre washer AHA6370 to each side of the spring.

These washers were fitted on initial assembly from MG Midget Car No 7442 and Sprite Car No.12068.

Interleaf Friction

Fit interleaf pads AHA6428 to each spring as described below:

  1. Remove rear spring (Section H6 of Workshop manual) and dismantle leaves.

  2. Centre-punch a central point 1” (25.40mm) from end of third and fourth leaves “A” and“B” (see sketch).

  3. Centre-punch a central point ¾” (19.05) from the end of fifth leaf “C” as shown.

  4. Drill leaves where centre-punch 7/16” (11.11mm).

  5. Reassemble spring, inserting a pad beneath each of the three drilled leaves. Extended portion of pad should be positioned away from spring eye.

  6. Refit spring to car.

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