Hazard Flashers For Your Austin-Healey

by Robert Cole

Originally published in the Austin-Healey Magazine

Would you like to have hazard lights on your Austin-Healey? Would you feel safer to have all the lights blinking at the same time if you have you stop for an emergency?

To accomplish this goal, refer to Moss Motoring, Summer 1996, Vol. XV, No. 11, page 17. It said, "All that is needed is a simple pole switch, mounted within reach of the driver. Locate the left and right turn feed wires and connect one wire from the switch to the left feed wire, and the other switch lead to the right turn feed wire.

What this does is, with the switch ON, either left or right turn operation of the turn lever will cause both sides to blink because they are connected together." Moss suggested that the wires could be connected to the existing circuit where the cable comes out of the steering column under the dash. Also, Moss said to carefully 'skin' back each of these wires just enough to be able to connect your switch wire.

"Skin back!" you say. "It will ruin my car! Too many deductions from my concourse score!"

Here is another way.

Materials needed:

  • 2 ea connector bullets - Moss #162-200 or Hemphills ELE 109 or Victoria British 14-989

  • 1 ea toggle switch - local auto parts store 12-14 ft. of black wire (length depends on location of switch)


Take the black wire, bend in half to get a double wire of 6-7 feet, twist together, or use a double wire. Put the two connector bullets on the exposed ends. Jack the front of the car. Look in the front of the radiator for the wire cable. Locate the two-connector double wire. Locate the green wires with tracer colors, red white, blue, or yellow. Plug the two connector bullets on the new wire into the vacant connector sockets. Before cutting, you can now run the new double wire to any place you prefer to mount the switch. With the ignition on, put trafficator in the left or right position. Flip your new toggle switch on. Blinkers! for whenever you have to stop for repairs or emergencies.

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