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BMC Service Bulletin - Care of Dunlop Centre Lock Wheels (Sprite MKIIa, 3000)

Attached is an original service bulletin from BMC Australia. The text of the bulletin is as follows:


To ensure complete efficient operation, centre lock wire wheels and hubs require occasional attention as follows:

  1. On a new car, after the first long run, or a series of short runs totalling 50 miles, jack up each wheel in turn and hammer nuts to ensure they are tight.

  2. When changing wheels, wipe the serrations, cones and threads to remove any foreign matter that would prevent the parts from seating properly. Rust and dirt will prevent proper operation. Whenever wheels are replaced, a light coating of grease should be applied to the conical surface, the thread, and the serrations in the hub, and also to the conical surface and thread in the lock nut. Hammer tight and recheck after a run, as for a new car.

  3. When a wheel has to be changed on the road, the wheel should be removed again as soon as convenient in order that the hub etc. can be properly greased as described in (2) above.

  4. Every twelve months - irrespective of mileage - the wheels should be removed for examination and regreasing.

  5. After any major repairs, which may have involved stripping the front or rear axle, a check should be made to ensure that, the inscription on each lock nut does in face correspond with the side on which it is fitted.

NB. Lift car on jack before using hammer and ENSURE LOCK NUTS ARE TIGHT. The lock nuts are designed for self-locking but severe damage to the splines will result if they are permitted to run untightened.

N. Prescott,

Service Manager

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